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Highly accurate, extremely efficient, small part production

CNC Swiss Type Machining

We began exclusively as a Swiss Type Machine shop and have extensive experience with this method of machining. We have a large selection of Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathes with 3 to 7 axis configurations. These cutting edge machines allow turning, threading, milling, drilling and off-center milling operations, producing a completed part in one cycle on the same machine. Most are configured with 12′ automatic bar feeders which reduce material handling time and  increases machine run times helping minimize cost-per-part.

Why Swiss Type Machining?

Swiss Type Machines (also known as Swiss Style or Swiss Screw Machines) are designed with a supporting sliding headstock making it extremely accurate, able to hold tight tolerances of +/-.0002”. This support also makes it ideal for the manufacturing of small parts and for long parts with small diameters that would deflect or vibrate when turning on a standard lathe.

When to Consider Swiss Type Machining?

Typical parts which are manufactured on CNC Swiss Type machines are spacers, fasteners, nozzles, poppets, electronic connectors, threaded screws, custom hardware and precision shafts. Part diameters that are considered for production on our Swiss Type Machines range from 1/8” to 3/4″. Production volumes range from small prototype quantities to large production runs in excess of 100,000 components. 

Equipment List

Quantity Make & Model Capacity
Citizen L20 Type VIII, 7 axis
3/4" diameter (20mm)
Citizen A20 Type VII, 5 axis
3/4" diameter (20mm)
Citizen C16 Type VII, 5 axis
3/4" diameter (20mm)
Citizen B12 Type VI, 5 axis
1/2" diameter (12mm)
Citizen B12 Type II, 3 axis
1/2" diameter (12mm)

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